Where You Invest Your Love …

Where you invest your love...
Quote from Song Lyrics of Mumford & Sons

Have been listening to Mumford & Sons since a couple of days, enjoyed the compositions of Lover Of The Light, The Cave, Little Lion Man.
This one has been on my mind all day and so … Quote Typographed.


Abhishek Bachchan – Quote Typographed

Abhishek Bachchan - Quote Typographed

Meaningful words..

“Know Yourself, For Yourself, By Yourself. Don’t Let Others Tell You Who You Are!” ~ Abhishek Bachchan

One of my Favorite Quotes by AB. I got this Printed, and it looks fantastic on my bedroom wall.

Confucius – Quote Typographed

Confucius - Quote Typographed

I’m still pondering over what my next artwork would be, until then here’s the second of my Typography Quotes.

I highlighted “with a flaw” because the color red is catchy and that i’m stressing on the words. Every worldly material comes with a flaw, we can only choose to disregard it and carry on with the positives it holds in itself.