The Nectar is Yummy!

Another photograph from last weekend, saw this Bee licking  it’s legs or probably was cleaning it. Captured from a Nexus5 and a PhotoJojo Macro Lens.


Instagram/The Nectar is Yummy


The Dead Amongst The Living

This CA friend of mine had made a stop to meet his client on our way home, while i sat in the lobby waiting, i spotted a garden and went capturing.

This time it’s all about Leaves & lightning during dusk time. The cover photo reflects the title of this post.


a Praying Mantis posing

It’s been a while since i posted something in here, i’m back for good now. Here’s something that visited my home, while i was watching tv comfortably on the couch – ‘Praying Mantis‘. I was in some luck that the Mantis posed for a lot of photographs for my Nokia N8.

I even tried focusing with my old cybershot camera, but i guess i was very accustomed with using the Nokia N8 over a point & shoot camera. This was the moment, i wished that i had a DSLR camera with a Macro Lens.