The Bird Chase

On a fine Sunday morning (couple of weeks back) ventured out to Cubbon Park, to photograph nature as it’s fresh and pollution free. Found a flock of pigeons feeding on bread crumbs at one part of the park. Took out my then attached 50mm lens to photograph them.

It’s quite difficult to photograph these pigeons in focus with a prime lens, they keep flying away when approached at close proximity.  I managed to capture after several attempts, got a few good captures. This, however is only a crop.

Two Pigeons Flying


Mount And Dew

During a Photowalk with a college friend at Cubbon Park on a fine Sunday morning. Found small flowers lined up against the bushes and since i had a fancy to try out Macro photography with shallow depth of field this turned out to be the best moment to experiment with a 50mm lens. I totally loved the result.

Dew Drops on Dianthus Barbatus flower