Dragonfly perched on a dried twig

This was captured when i was out with Family and relatives at an outing at Ruppis Resort near Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore off Mysore Road. Did not have a working camera back then and so used my Nokia N8 as a camera all the while at the resort.

For this particular moment i used my Samsung Galaxy S2 so i could capture and upload right away. Macro mode on default camera of S2 did a decent job, took several captures to get it right and by the time i took out my N8 for a clearer and zoomed in version, this Dragonfly flew away.




Took a break from work at office, came out for a while. Clouds had this silver lining with rays of the sun escaping from the sides giving it a CloudBurst effect.

Added visual effects later with Autodesk Pixlr-O-Matic app for Android.

Water Splash captured on the #SGS2 with #CameraZoomFX

I have heard it is quite difficult to capture water drops with a LED flash since it does not freeze the moment like a Xenon flash does. However I wanted to capture them drops and I almost succeeded, the results were blurred beyond visibility. Used this Android app called Camera ZOOM FX, which allows one to capture instantly (of course there is a slight delay) al least it’s a bit faster than the default CM10 camera.

Here’s what I managed to capture and it did turn out pretty well. It’s similar to a Light Painting technique of photography – the stream of water acting as the light due to the refraction.

There’s a lot one can do with the phone camera, it’s all about having ideas, patience and skills to adapt to any environment. Next photo I’d love to try would be with a Xenon external flash + Android phone camera.

Hoping to capture more..!