TimeLapse – Strong Winds, Blowing Rain Clouds [HD]

I’m back again with another TimeLapse video, still amateurish but i think its good enough. First thing in the noon i did was to capture the TimeLapse image sequence for about 28 minutes, this is the longest image sequence i have captured till date, with 573 photographs re-sized to 720p.

All thanks to Harald Meyer’s CameraPro v2, which i won in a PhotoContest organized by ‘Mobile Art‘ on Facebook & later compiled the image sequence with QuickTime Pro 7 on a Mac OS X SL. Used a #Breffo ‘Spider Podium’ for support, so that my N8 doesn’t get any scratches.

Video :

(573 Images captured at 9MP in a sequence at 3 seconds interval, re-sized all images to 720p)

Also captured few photographs:


Resolution : 9MP
Scene mode : Landscape
ISO : Medium
Exposure : -0.5
Color Tone : Vivid
Contrast : +1
White Balance : Sunny


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