Nokia Battery Monitor v2.0 [Qt]


A brand new version of Nokia Battery Monitor is now available on Ovi Store. This version developed with Qt in collaboration between Nokia & VTT Technical Research Centre of  Finland. The Application now shows detailed information of the battery consumption for each application that was opened & the percentage of battery used up categorized by Days, Weeks & All Time. Few of the apps which aren’t in the programming is displayed as ‘other apps’ and the ones that run in processes are displayed as ‘background‘.
Power saving mode (enables itself according to the ‘automatic power saving threshold‘ set) along with ‘Tips on how to save power‘ are also available.



Installation of NBM v2.0 doesn’t disturb the previous version 1.3 in the memory, since it is non-upgradable developed with Qt. It shows the same old NBM icon in the Menu, though it’s listed seperately in the Application Manager.

NBM v2.0 uses up about 12mB of RAM to run in background & to be displayed as a widget on homescreen, unlike the older version NBM v1.3 which ran as background process. See screenshot below (with NBM closed);


Note: There’s no ‘landscape view‘ with this version as yet.

Nokia Battery Monitor v2.0 :


One thought on “Nokia Battery Monitor v2.0 [Qt]

  1. my battery monitor 2.0 showing takltime around “6 hours ” at full charge

    and am following all the battery saving tips of nokia

    your screen shot showing 10+ hours of talktime ……. can you give me any tips

    BTW i am using n8

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