TimeLapse: Clouds [HD]

Captured a timelapse yesterday as a test, set the capture interval for 5 seconds & spent about 15 minutes & later when i checked there were only 74 photos. On compiling it with QuickTime Player 7 on my Mac OS X SL, i found out it was only a 3.5 second video. So gave it a try again this afternoon, set my N8 on OFFLINE mode, found a nice spot on the Terrace near the Lift Room, and started capturing the image sequence with the help of Harald Meyer’s CameraPro & Breffo ‘Spider Podium’ – which i won in a giveaway organized by @DigiSecrets.

TimeLapse: Clouds [HD]

318 Images captured at 9MP in a sequence at 3 seconds interval, total size 1.87gB (re-sized all 318 images to 720p, total size 42mB)

The result was seen on my YouTube channel, on Nokia N8 Facebook Page & a Tweet from @WomWorldNokia about my video (statistics as of today 26th, May 2011).


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