Night Capture

This college friend of mine had invited few of us friends to his house, he showed me his brand new Nikon D3100 SLR. We went to the terrace and tried shoothing in the night-time, tried several captures like the Moon, Plants, Landscape.

Challenged him for a photography duel with my Nokia N8 which he gladly accepted. The aim was to capture an ant scurrying on plant in absolute darkness; he couldn’t focus in the darkness even with the guiding red light, with my Nokia N8 with quick focus & shutter button pressed, the result you see below:

Camera Settings:
Pixel Count     :    9MP
Scene Mode   :    Macro Mode
Flash Type      :    Normal Flash


One thought on “Night Capture

  1. Both N8 and D3100 are really good in the taking beautiful pictures…
    Flash is something that N8 really shines on… Night Photo with limited exposure come out really well… I limit the exposure to get background full black and then adjust the exposure on the subject later on the computer.

    I am going to get the D3100 in few weeks time as my primary camera and N8 will be secondary camera that like always will be in my pocket.
    Plan is to Experiment with N8 and then use D3100

    I have taken a hell lots of pictures with my Nokia N8 and every time i am amazed with the result, that how well N8’s camera was made.

    Using N8 has made me believe in one thing… Its an amazing Technology… What will you do with it. Its all about what we do with the technology….

    Here is what i have done with this amazing technology….

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