Where You Invest Your Love …

Where you invest your love...

Quote from Song Lyrics of Mumford & Sons

Have been listening to Mumford & Sons since a couple of days, enjoyed the compositions of Lover Of The Light, The Cave, Little Lion Man.
This one has been on my mind all day and so … Quote Typographed.

The Bird Chase

On a fine Sunday morning (couple of weeks back) ventured out to Cubbon Park, to photograph nature as it’s fresh and pollution free. Found a flock of pigeons feeding on bread crumbs at one part of the park. Took out my then attached 50mm lens to photograph them.

It’s quite difficult to photograph these pigeons in focus with a prime lens, they keep flying away when approached at close proximity.  I managed to capture after several attempts, got a few good captures. This, however is only a crop.

Two Pigeons Flying

Mount And Dew

During a Photowalk with a college friend at Cubbon Park on a fine Sunday morning. Found small flowers lined up against the bushes and since i had a fancy to try out Macro photography with shallow depth of field this turned out to be the best moment to experiment with a 50mm lens. I totally loved the result.

Dew Drops on Dianthus Barbatus flower

Dragonfly perched on a dried twig

This was captured when i was out with Family and relatives at an outing at Ruppis Resort near Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore off Mysore Road. Did not have a working camera back then and so used my Nokia N8 as a camera all the while at the resort.

For this particular moment i used my Samsung Galaxy S2 so i could capture and upload right away. Macro mode on default camera of S2 did a decent job, took several captures to get it right and by the time i took out my N8 for a clearer and zoomed in version, this Dragonfly flew away.


Abhishek Bachchan – Quote Typographed

Abhishek Bachchan - Quote Typographed

Meaningful words..

“Know Yourself, For Yourself, By Yourself. Don’t Let Others Tell You Who You Are!” ~ Abhishek Bachchan

One of my Favorite Quotes by AB. I got this Printed, and it looks fantastic on my bedroom wall.

Love / Live to Design

Love / Live to Design

One of my own thought up words…. typographed!

Live to Design what you Love.
In Orthodox terms, Love is considered a Sin. By not allowing it affect your Passion, you Live through it.

Design. Peace. Solitude.

Confucius – Quote Typographed

Confucius - Quote Typographed

I’m still pondering over what my next artwork would be, until then here’s the second of my Typography Quotes.

I highlighted “with a flaw” because the color red is catchy and that i’m stressing on the words. Every worldly material comes with a flaw, we can only choose to disregard it and carry on with the positives it holds in itself.

Abhishek Bachchan – Quote Typographed

Abhishek Bachchan - Quote Typographed

Always had an itch to do something with Typography, tried it on this quote by Abhishek Bachchan.

Simple statement with a direct approach. It is not necessary to do anything what you love doing. All that matters is, that are you good at it?

I’m satisfied with the result. What do you think?


Took a break from work at office, came out for a while. Clouds had this silver lining with rays of the sun escaping from the sides giving it a CloudBurst effect.

Added visual effects later with Autodesk Pixlr-O-Matic app for Android.

Water Splash captured on the #SGS2 with #CameraZoomFX

I have heard it is quite difficult to capture water drops with a LED flash since it does not freeze the moment like a Xenon flash does. However I wanted to capture them drops and I almost succeeded, the results were blurred beyond visibility. Used this Android app called Camera ZOOM FX, which allows one to capture instantly (of course there is a slight delay) al least it’s a bit faster than the default CM10 camera.

Here’s what I managed to capture and it did turn out pretty well. It’s similar to a Light Painting technique of photography – the stream of water acting as the light due to the refraction.

There’s a lot one can do with the phone camera, it’s all about having ideas, patience and skills to adapt to any environment. Next photo I’d love to try would be with a Xenon external flash + Android phone camera.

Hoping to capture more..!


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